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Komkom Baby Bath Sponge Cushion Plus 2 Small Sponge

277.50 EGP

  • Extremely soft and unique sponge, which was created
    especially for your child skin.
  • When it comes to safety and support, this item is invaluable!
  • Using the mattress does not change regular rules of bathing
    an infant, but it facilitates the proper position of the infant in
    a bath tub.
  • The mattress must be disinfected before first bath – it must
    be soaked in hot water (about 3 litres) for about 15 minutes.
  • After use the mattress should be hung to dry.
  • For use in sinks. baby bath tubs and adult tubs.
  • Suitable for babies from 0 month up to 5,5kg
    comes with 2 small sponges.
  • Dimensions: W:30cm x H:50cm x L:5cm. Made in Egypt
  • Help make bath time fun and easy for your little angel,
    while also creating comfort, support and reassurance for
  • This amazing foam bath support is convenient and
    light, and can also be used in an adult bath!

Availability: In stock

Komkom Bath Sponge provides comfort and security for the baby at bath time. The contoured foam cushion supports the baby’s head, neck, and back for a better bathing experience for the baby and parent. The zigzag effect underneath the baby allows for better support. The Bear Bath Sponge Cushion is a wonderful, easy, and safe way to bathe your newborn. This specially-designed cushion is made with slip-resistant material and is contoured for comfort. It’s perfect for sponge bathing your baby on the counter, changing the table, or in the bathtub. Comes with 2 bathing sponges.


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