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Komkom Baby Swaddle – One layer

290.00 EGP

Safe for Baby

Replaces loose blankets for safer sleep. Soft, breathable premium cotton creates a secure & cozy swaddle that helps baby sleep better & more soundly.

Supportive & Hip Healthy

Adjustable wings with soft, quieter hook & loop tabs create a perfect fit & make baby feel secure. Stretchy sack supports & has room for leg movement.

Promotes Better Sleep

Helps to reduce the startle reflex that can wake baby, so everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

Easy to Use

Simply place baby in sack and wrap adjustable wings around baby to secure.

Fabric composition

Made with 100% soft breathable cotton.

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Let your newborn baby sleep safe and sound with our swaddle wraps, which creates a peaceful womb like feeling while preventing the startle reflex that can wake your baby. Rest easy knowing that your infant sleeps safely and securely.

Soft cotton-delicate with your baby’s skin

* Helps to prevent startle reflex – one of the main reasons your baby wakes during the night.

* Designed to last – adjustable wings to grow with your baby.

How to swaddle
  1. Place Baby in the swaddle
  2. Tuck wing from one side to the other making sure it is under the chin and over the arms.
  3. Wrap the other wing, ensuring the mouth and nose is not covered. The wrapping should not be too tight and should allow plenty of room for legs to bend and move freely.
For easy changing

* Pull the front of the swaddle down to gain access for changing without the need to un-swaddle your baby. Then tuck the front of the swaddle back under the wings securely. ensuring that there is still room for the legs to bend comfortably.   


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