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Terra Electronic Tyrannosaurus Rex

399.00 EGP

Look out! Here comes a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex

The tyrannosaurus rex: King of the dinosaurs, and thanks to Terra, the new king of your animal toys. This life-like dinosaur figurine, with its long tail, huge jaws, and tiny arms, will no doubt be the perfect addition to your child’s budding interest in paleontology!

Designed by internationally renowned paleo-artist Dan LoRusso, they’re made with high-quality plastic and stunning coloring. But, most of all they’re great fun to play with and set up on your desk or nightstand! Tyrannosaurus Rex is easily the most recognizable, and predatory, of all dinosaurs. Several examples have been identified. The smallest known T-Rex is estimated to have weighed only 66 pounds and was about 2 years old when it died. The largest weighed over 11,900 pounds and was about 28 years old when it died. Terra’s T-Rex toy accurately recreates the formidable size and terrifying presence of this iconic predator. In particular, the enormous skull and bone-crushing jaws of the mighty T-Rex are faithfully depicted in the dinosaur replica.

  • Realistic t-rex toy dinosaur figurine
  • Lifelike body, long tail, little arms perfect for playing
  • Designed by dinosaur replica artist Dan LoRusso
  • Growling mouth shows off sharp t-rex teeth
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 3.4″ x 4″
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