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Terra Panda Family

350.00 EGP

Munch on some tasty bamboo sticks with your new Panda Family from Terra by Battat!

Giant pandas live exclusively in remote parts of central China and have an insatiable appetite for bamboo. Pandas love eating bamboo so much they will consume about 28 pounds of it per day! Although wild giant pandas are rare, their population is increasing Thanks to better conservation efforts. They are very popular attractions In zoos, and hundreds of giant pandas live in captivity around the world.

  • These plastic bear toys have realistic and lifelike poses and stand on their own paws!
  • Includes: 1 male Panda bear toy, 1 female Panda bear, and 2 Panda bear cubs
  • Size: adult bears approximately 4-4. 5 (L) x 2. 25 (T) inches. Bear cubs approximately 1. 0 (L) x 1. 5 (T) inches
  • Educational toys provide information about wildlife while encouraging compassion for animals
  • Imaginative play reduces screen time and improves social skills
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