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Baby Plaything Learning Fun Toy

375.00 EGP

  1. The toy is made of durable materials that are safe for the health of the child.
  2. An interactive game that increases the child’s skills and thinking ability.
  3. Development of basic skills for infants.
  4. Perfect multifunctional toy for learning colors by naming them while playing with them.
  5. Develop the skill of sorting and naming sizes during play so that the child learns the difference between the big and the small.
  6. Develop infants’ abilities to see, hear and touch.
  7. Develop the skill of visual motor coordination, which means coordination between the eye and the hand to perform a specific action.
  8. Develop problem solving skill.
  9. Develop the child’s language skills by playing with him, naming objects and sounds, and recognizing animal sounds.
  10. Develop the skill of understanding the relationship between cause and effect. When the child presses one of the buttons and then sees the reaction of the game as a specific sound, the child can understand the result of his actions by seeing a direct result of what he did.

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Discover through Baby playthings toy the fun learning, it is an excellent choice for your children to enter a world of fun entertainment & learning at the same time, your child can learn colors and geometric shapes, so it is a beautiful educational game that attracts children, a turtle-shaped puzzle with buttons on its back Large multicolored shapes like a triangle, square, star and heart, your child can also hear the sounds that different animals make, their sounds and melodies accompanied by colorful lights.
The game includes:
  • Different animal sounds
  • Lights
  • Applause if you answered well
  • Teaching colors
  • The sound of letters and words
  • Musical sounds
  • It moves from side to side when hit.


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