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Learning Fun Cash Register With Sound & Lights Toy

369.00 EGP

  • Our cash desk is almost as good as the real one, because it has almost everything: a calculator, a microphone, a scanner, you can pay with a credit card, a cash desk opens ..
  • Runs on batteries (3 x 1.5 AA).
  • There are light and sound effects.
  • Dimensions: L – 24 cm, W – 17 cm, H -13 cm.

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It is difficult to overestimate the impact of role-playing games on a child’s development. They help to improve the ability to think logically, solve problems facing the child, make informed and informed choices, justify their decision, analyze the situation. And all these skills are very relevant for everyday life. With the toy “Cash Register” the child will be able to play excitingly and at the same time develop. He will be able to present himself as a seller of a small shop. If he will perform his duties carefully and cope with everything, he will be promoted to cashier of the supermarket. That’s where he can use all the concentration, attention and ability to count. The set includes all the items so that the child can successfully create an improvised shop at home. In a set with the cash register the set of products, bottles, a tape, on which products are advanced to the cashier, as well as a microphone, a device for scanning the barcode and weight. The set also includes a bank card and money for the child to learn different types of payment. It is best to play with friends with this set. The child cashier will be able to serve several customers in turn, and then change roles with someone. This will help him in adult life to behave confidently in any role.



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