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Safety 1st Secure Tech Flat Step Gate

2,355.35 EGP

  • The Flat Step stair gate from Safety 1st offers a new safety level in stair gates.
  • Flat Step gate is safer to walk through with its thin step-over bar to avoid being a trip hazard, especially at the top of the stairs.
  • Open it easily by lifting the handle and close it with a simple press down movement thanks to the close-assist system.
  • You can check that the gate is safely closed by looking at the Secure Tech┬« indicator.
  • This baby gate opens in both directions and features a ‘keep open’ system for when the kids aren’t around.
  • Suitable for openings between 73 and 80cm.

Safety gates are a very useful thing, but when open you often have the issue of potential tripping on the lowest bar when you’re passing through. Not with the Safety 1st Secure Tech Flat Step Metal Gate though! The low bar is flat to the ground, making it extremely safe and a very effective barrier.

  • Keeps your child safe from places they shouldn’t be
  • Pressure mounted design for easy installation
  • Sturdy materials for long-lasting protection
  • Flat base plate reduces tripping hazard
All about me

Whether using the gate for blocking a stairway or simply from stopping your little one (or indeed, a pet) from coming into a kitchen whilst you’re cooking, the gate is a great way to keep your family safe. The gate is pressure mounted so can be fitted without screws or drilling- perfect for temporary or rental properties. The gate swings open with a squeeze of the trigger and locks again with a click when closed. A visual indicator shows you whether the gate is open or locked at a quick glance, a flash of green shows you the gate is locked and secure, red shows you the gate is open, a great system for your peace of mind. The wide barrier lets you pass as you please without fear of tripping.


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