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Sanosan Panthenol Ointmint Diaper Rash Cream 100ml.

64.90 EGP

Rich care for the nappy zone. The sanosan recipe with natural care substances such as organic olive oil and milk protein provides reliable protection for baby’s tender skin, preserves the skin’s own moisture and support its regeneration. Sore, irritated skin is soothed and cared for with panthenol. The effective formula does not contain paraffin oil, colorants, silicones or parabens. The skin compatibility has been clinically confirmed. Recommended by midwives. How to use: Gently apply to nappy zone regularly Repeat as required. You can apply this ointment after every nappy change or at the first sign of nappy zone soreness . Apply the ointment slightly beyond the edges of the affected

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Panthenol Ointment


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